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Leggings is usually referred to various types of leg coverings. In the late 1960s, close-fitting elastic garments which were frequently worn over the legs by women were referred to as leg warmers or tights. Leg warmers or tights closely resemble leggings. Only She Fashion is one of the top leggings manufacturers in our country. Being a leading leggings manufacturer, the chief goal of Only She Fashion is to provide qualitative leggings to modern day ladies. In the 18th century, leggings were referred to a piece of cloth or leather which was wrapped around the leg down to the ankle and was especially worn by men. In the 19th century, leggings were often referred to infants' leg clothing which were paired with a jacket as well as leg-wrappings which were made of leather and wool and mostly worn by soldiers. 

Leggings noticeably returned to women's fashion in the 1960s, tracing from the form-fitting clothing of dancers. There are numerous leggings manufacturers in the city of Kolkata. Only She Fashion is one of them. Unlike other leggings manufacturers, Only She Fashion makes use of latest machineries for manufacturing leggings. With the widespread ratification of the synthetic fibre Lycra and the ascent in popularity of aerobics, leggings became further noticeable in the 1970s and 1980s and gradually made their way into streetwear. Only She Fashion is a popular leggings manufacturer, situated in Kolkata. It is also a reputable leggings manufacturer. Leggings form a fragment of the late 2010s athleisure fashion vogue of wearing activewear outside sporting activities and in casual settings, which became a combative social norm in the United States. Leggings in numerous forms and under various names have been worn by both men and women for warmth and protection throughout the centuries. 

Only She Fashion is a renowned leggings manufacturer. Since its evolution to the present day, it has never, and it shall never, compromise on quality. Some other leggings manufacturers compromise on quality and doesn't make use of latest machineries. But in case of Only She Fashion, quality is their primary concern. The priority of Only She Fashion has always been to render superior quality dress materials at pocket friendly budget. Leggings made from cotton-lycra are usually worn for fashion, but are also worn an as exercise wear. They are made available in various colours, designs and prints.Only She Fashion understands and adapts itself as per changing needs. It strives to tempt women with a large collection of fashionable leggings at suitable price range.